If beaver nuggets and other delicacies from Buc-ee's are your thing, we have a job opportunity for you. Financebuzz has covered the convenience store phenom and wants to pay someone to be their official snack taste tester. The compensation is $1,000.

Calling All Taste Testers

The only requirement is that you must be able to drive yourself to a Buc-ee's location to pick up the snack haul. There is a curated list of what the company wants you to taste. Applications are due by September 11th, so if this is your dream job, don't delay!

Applications may be submitted by clicking here.

According to a press release from Financebuzz, the purpose of the taste testing assignment is to help customers decide which items they should purchase from Buc-ee's.

Most Popular Snacks -- according to fans

  1. Beaver Nuggets: Sweet and crunchy corn puffs, a Buc-ee's signature snack.
  2. Jerky: Various flavors of beef, turkey, and other types of jerky.
  3. Fudge: Creamy and delicious fudge in different flavors.
  4. Trail Mix: A mix of nuts, dried fruits, and candies.
  5. Flavored Popcorn: Different kinds of flavored popcorn, from cheesy to sweet.
  6. Candies: Assorted candies, gummies, and chocolates.
  7. Nut Varieties: Roasted and flavored nuts, like almonds, pecans, and cashews.
  8. Dried Fruits: A selection of dried fruits like mango, pineapple, and more.
  9. Chips: Unique and tasty chip flavors from various brands.
  10. Specialty Snacks: Depending on the location, you might find items like kolaches, sandwiches, and baked goods.

How Did Buc-ee's Get Started?

Buc-ee's was founded in Texas in 1982. A man named Arch and his friend Don built the earliest concept of the cathedral of convenience that we know today. They wanted a clean bathroom during their road trip. So, they made their own store with a focus on the bathrooms. Buc-ee's has a beaver as its mascot. It's since become famous for its clean bathrooms, unique snacks, and plenty of beaver-themed merch.

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