I've lived in south Louisiana most of my adult life, but I grew up in Lewis County, NY. It gets REAL cold there! We're expecting freezing temperatures in Acadiana this weekend. If you're not prepared, that can be big trouble. Water damage from burst pipes can be very costly. A few things are obvious. Don't leave your pets & plants outdoors. Wrap, or drain any exposed water pipes. Cold weather can do serious damage to your car if it's not winterized.. Make sure your antifreeze is good to go. You can use a hydrometer. Auto parts stores have them. If you have to go to work & there's ice on your windshield, DON'T pour hot water on it. You'll be in the market for a new windshield. It's best to scrape it off. Auto parts stores have scrapers. I'm a veteran of winter driving. Snow never bothered me. Ice is another story. You can't tell a road is iced by looking at it. Do everything much more slowly than normal. Leave twice as much room as normal to stop.



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