A piece of my childhood will be gone forever. It’s not surprising that this is happening in 2020. After nearly 60 years, Coca-Cola is discontinuing Tab, it’s first-ever diet soda.

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According to CNN, many food and beverage companies are cutting back on their products during the pandemic to meet the demands for their popular items.  Coca-Cola said it is eliminating underperforming products. The company said this was already planned before Covid-19, but the pandemic pushed them to make the changes quicker.

I can vividly see my grandmother drinking her Tab. I always thought it was so cool because it was a pink can. I’m pretty sure every grandmother drank Tab in the 70s and 80s, as it was initially marketed to women.

When Diet Coke came out in the early 80s, many made the switch. But, Coke kept Tab around for years for its devout fans.

You still have time to hoard some if you’re a fan. Coca-Cola is getting rid of Tab by the end of the year.

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