Do you get attached to things? I do. If I like stuff or people, I get attached. Like my wallet of over 8 years, I liked it. It was perfect. The operative word here being "was".

My old wallet had gotten to the point of my being embarrassed to pull it out in public. But I just didn't want to get a new one. This one held everything I wanted it to hold. Granted it was about 3 and a half inches thick, bulky and falling apart...but we had been through so much together. Good times, bad times, deaths, cancer and we were currently in the middle of a pandemic together. How could I part with my old friend, now? It just didn't seem right.

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There were flaps were torn off, strings hanging, pieces of leather totally missing but it had a pouch or a flap for every credit card and insurance card I owned. And on occasion, it carried a dollar bill or two. But, today needed to be the had to be done. My old wallet and I had to part ways.

I spent a few minutes cleaning out my old wallet. I was amazed at the stuff I was carrying around that was absolutely useless to me. No wonder it was so thick.

Meet my new $13 wallet from Steinmart!

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My new wallet doesn't have quite as many places for credit cards, but I can make do. And I have to tell you, it feels really good. Kinda like the way you feel after you've just finished cleaning your house. There's a sense of ahhhhh, it's done!

So Acadiana, men and women, clean out those old wallets or get a new one if need be. You'll feel good about it. I promise!