School's back in session, and just because my kids are all grown up and out the house doesn’t mean I still don’t preach for them to practice these basics tips for avoiding illness. It's a pretty simple equation: Tons of people + Contained spaces = More vulnerability to viral illnesses including sinus infections, skin irritation and more.

I reached out to my friends at Acadian Ear, Nose, Throat and Facial Plastic Surgery Center for tips of fighting germs, both at school and at home:

1) Wash your hands frequently. And make sure you're thorough about it:

2) Use hand sanitizers. Since it's the beginning of the year, stock up and set out sanitizers in areas where your children spend a lot of time, such as near the TV or near where they do homework.

3) Keeps your hands away from your ears, nose and mouth. It's something you might have to remind younger children about frequently until it becomes habit.

4) Steer clear of those who are sick. Don't be the office hero and go into work even if you're sick, and conversely, limit your contact with people who are ill.

5) Get your yearly flu vaccinations. Pretty simple, right?


I've been getting to know the staff at Acadian ENT better in the past few weeks and recently took a tour of their whole medical center. It is astonishing what all they do there — from facelifts to CAT scans — all in one place.

I've struggled with allergies all my life, and I thought allergy management was still done by injection. At Acadiana ENT, though, many patients get the allergy medicine they need simply by brushing their teeth. That's right, the medicine now is available in toothpaste. Acadian ENT is one of the only medical facilities offering such innovative technology in the fight against allergies.

I can't recommend them enough. Acadian ENT doctors are known for their expertise in treating allergies, as well as in the health of children using only the latest and proven techniques. Learn more at or call (337) 237-0650 for an appointment today!

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