It's beginning to look an even lot more like Christmas, especially in the Boudin Capital of the World, the City of Scott. City leaders held their annual Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony over the weekend.

But as most things have been in this pandemic year of 2020, this year's tree light ceremony was a little, no it was a lot different.

Scott Mayor Jan-Scott Richard said the event was exactly what 2020 has been all about. It's been a year of adjusting, adapting, and overcoming all of the challenges the pandemic has created for residents all across South Louisiana.

The ceremony, which was broadcast live via the City of Scott Facebook Page is just one of many holiday events that have been scheduled throughout the town.

The next big Christmas event is set for December the 20th. When Santa has reportedly booked a pre-Christmas return trip to Scott. From what we understand Santa will be whisked through town on top of one of the city's fire engines. He will be accompanied by members of the Scott Police force as well.

From what we understand Santa's appearance on the 20th will be orchestrated very similarly to the Easter Bunny visits that happen during the spring. Santa will wave and greet everyone but for the sake of social distancing will remain on top of the fire truck during this particular pre-Christmas visit.

Here is the schedule for that event:

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