Christmas trees can be very dangerous.

Many of us will soon be purchasing Christmas trees and dragging them into our homes, but you need to remember that these live trees can be very dangerous.

For years we've been reminded to keep the trees watered and to not place any heating elements near the tree in our house for the holidays.

Well, there's more to that when it comes to the potential dangers of live trees in your home.

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If you don't believe me, just ask a mom in Cleveland named Angela Presti who was excited to decorate the tree she purchased for her family.

According to WKYC, Angela suffered an allergic reaction to the tree she purchased and it almost killed her.

The mother's face swelled up and her airway became restricted as a result of the reaction she had. She reportedly went into anaphylactic shock because of something called "Christmas Tree Syndrome."

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That is, Angela had an allergic reaction to not the tree, but rather to the mold that was growing on the tree she purchased for the holidays. Obviously, the was outdoors and got wet, and that is when the dangerous mold started to grow on the tree.

Not knowing this, the mom in Cleveland nearly died as a result of what was on the tree. The lesson here is if you're going to buy a "real tree" for Christmas, you need to thoroughly inspect it prior to putting it in your house for the holidays.

Angela has recovered from this scary incident, but she did collapse at the hospital and doctors saved her life by administering a shot of epinephrine into her body.


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