***UPDATE: We've heard from Mrs. Jackie Monkhouse and regretfully they have not been able to get the display up this year so they have decided to wait until next year to return bigger and better.***

If you ever find yourself in Alexandria, Louisiana around the Christmas holidays, you absolutely must swing by the Monkhouse residence.

Walter and Jackie Monkhouse have been transforming their backyard into a Christmas lights spectacular for several years now. They call it "Magic Christmas" and it definitely will make you feel magical!

Every year, the couple tweaks a few things with their synchronized light display, and this year they've really gotten creative. This year, they're saluting the New Orleans Saints with a huge 88-foot matrix along their back fence that says "Geaux Saints."

It's one of those you have to see to appreciate!

This is the first time they've done something like this and according to a recent Facebook post on their Magic Christmas Facebook page, this new display was a bit involved and has delayed their complete set-up. However, before Christmas, it should all be ready for viewing.

Now, if the Monkhouse's Christmas lights seem familiar to you, it may be because it's been featured on national TV networks like HGTV and ABC.

The latter network showcased the couple two years ago as part of their "Great Christmas Light Fight" competition series.

For more information on this fantastic lights display, visit MagicChristmas.org.

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