Can't get your little one to stop crying?  Baby not in a good mood?  Or acting wild as though they've had 40 ounces of sugar?  You've tried everything to settle him/her down but nothing seems to work.  That's about to change.

Psychologists at the University of London teamed up with singer Imogen Heap to develop lyrics, melodies and general sounds that made babies happy.  They used 26 kids as a test panel.  Child psychologists measured heart rates and any emotion, action or general cues that made the children smile or put them in a general state of 'happy'.

After the melody for the world's perfect song for a happy baby was chosen, experts added sounds that the panel responded to.  Like the word 'boo', the sound of a dog barking and another baby laughing.  They also figured out that the perfect tempo for their happy baby song was around 163 beats per minute.

Babies respond best to female voices so the doctors chose female singer Imogen Heap.  They didn't want the song to drive adults crazy, so they did the best they could making the lyrics make sense.

After studio musicians and sound engineers finished the song, using the data from the first panel of children, they tried it out on a panel of 20 babies.  And it WORKED!  Unanimously!

The song is called. 'The Happy Song'.  Wonder if it works on adults?


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