Chicago citizens are taking notice of official 'Batman' stage props around town as the new movie is about to begin filming. 'Gotham' police units and news vans can be seen in a video from a Chicago local.

The video was posted to Twitter by @the_juandy_city and you can see it for yourself below

This is a pretty surreal video as any fans of the 'Batman' series would nerd-out over seeing props from the movie in person.

I would love to live in a place where moves like this were being filmed. In particular, the 'Batman' series is such an iconic piece of Americana that I think just about everyone enjoys it.

I can only imagine what the makers of the film have planned for these vehicles. Maybe we will see a few of these on fire or driving off a bridge in the upcoming addition to the beloved Superhero series.

Be sure to watch out for iconic places in Chicago when you are finally able to watch the latest 'Batman' film.


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