MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — The defense attorney for the former Minneapolis police officer convicted of killing George Floyd has requested a new trial, saying the court abused its discretion on several points.

Defense attorney Eric Nelson also is seeking a hearing to impeach the verdict because of what he says is jury misconduct. Derek Chauvin was convicted last month of second-degree unintentional murder, third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter in the May 25 death of Floyd. In a brief filed Tuesday, Nelson said the court violated Chauvin’s right to due process and a fair trial. The filing did not include details about how the jury committed alleged misconduct.

Recently, one of the jurors who convicted Chauvin defended his participation in a protest last summer in Washington, D.C., following online speculation about his motives for serving on the jury and whether it might be grounds for appeal. A photo, posted on social media, shows Brandon Mitchell attending the Aug. 28 event to commemorate the 1963 March on Washington. Floyd’s brother and sister addressed the crowd.

Mitchell told the Star Tribune that he was honest during jury selection. Legal experts warned that Chauvin's defense could cite Mitchell's attendance at the event as basis for an appeal.

(Story written by AMY FORLITI/AP)

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