We were super excited to hear that actor Channing Tatum was set to play the Marvel Comics Cajun character Gambit, who's alter ego is Remy Etienne LeBeau, in an upcoming film. But, since Disney finalized their merger (worth $71 billion) with Fox, the film appears to be in limbo. According to an article on NOLA.com 'The "Gambit" project has been beset by delays, with no fewer than three different directors being attached to it at various times over the past five years'.

'Gambit' Producer Simon Kinberg said a lot of the films are being evaluated after the merger, and not just the Marvel movies. I hope they can straighten things out, because I think Channing Tatum would be a natural to play a character from down here, and hopefully they would be able to film in Louisiana as well. (duh). We'll keep you updated on any developments! Read more on the situation from NOLA.com.


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