CBS and the producers of the popular sitcom "Young Sheldon" have drawn the ire of the feds. The FCC will cut broadcasters slack on some things. They take others very seriously.

Misuse of the emergency alert system is one. "What's that?" you may ask. It's the system activated to warn the public of an impending emergency, such as a severe thunderstorm, or hurricane. You've likely heard the alert tones while listening to the radio or watching TV. We're required to test the system weekly.

The FCC frowns on duplication of the tones, or unauthorized activation of the system. An episode of "Young Sheldon" that aired in April of last year featured a scene with Missy watching cartoons, and her show being interrupted by an EAS activation with a tornado warning. Federal officials deem that to be a misuse. A $272,000 fine has been proposed.

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