Dancing With The Stars experienced one hell of a misstep Monday night (September 12) when two men charged the stage in protest of Ryan Lochte, who was scrutinized at the 2016 Summer Olympics for falsifying a story about damaging a gas station. And DWTS judge Carrie Ann Inaba, who was delivering remarks to Lochte and dancing partner Cheryl Burke during the event, has explained what you didn't see in a blog entry since published to SheKnows.

Inaba says the two men had likely managed to get onto set by disguising two anti-Lochte novelty shirts under jackets. They then rushed the stage during Inaba's critique, but cameras remained set on the judge, who kept saying "back off" and "excuse me."

"I think they just wanted their faces and shirts to be seen by the millions of people who watch our show; they wanted to voice their opinion of Lochte live on TV," Inaba wrote. "America gives us the right to have free speech — we are very fortunate for this. But there is a time and a place to exercise that right, and it is not during a television show that hundreds of people have worked very hard to put together. That's why I believe the cameras never showed them; we didn’t give them the airtime they desired."

Inaba added that she does sympathize with Lochte in light of some unfavorable public opinion, but that even if she didn't, she would remain objective — it's her duty as a judge.

"I felt bad for Lochte in that moment because I realized the Rio Olympics incident will always follow him, but it’s important for everyone to know that it's not the DWTS judges' job to judge other people — but only to judge performances," she wrote. "Lochte is just another contestant on our show and will only be critiqued for his performances on the ballroom dance floor. I hope that there is some solace and safety in that for him, and that he will be comfortable enough to remain on the show."

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