Here along the coast, we might not see as much of the forest or the trees as they do in the areas north of I-10 but if you weren't aware timber, lumber, and paper products made from those trees are a pretty big business in Louisiana.

Governor John Bel Edwards announced yesterday that Louisiana's lumber and timber industry is getting an economic shot in the arm in the form of a new lumber mill to be built in Beauregard Parish. The mill, an estimated $160 million dollar project, is being built by Canada-based Canfor Corporation. 

The facility which is expected to create 130 direct jobs with an average salary of $60,000 annually is slated to be constructed near the Beauregard Regional Airport. The new mill is also expected to create almost 400 indirect jobs. So you can see, this is big news for Beauregard Parish and South Louisiana in general.

The lumber mill is expected to be a major processor of yellow pine from Louisiana forests. That raw lumber will be processed into a variety of products. The new mill is also expected to enhance pulp and paper production in the area as there are several other companies nearby that do that kind of work.

Juan Davila via
Juan Davila via

Construction on the new lumber mill is expected to start later this year, perhaps before the end of the summer. In 2017 the Louisiana Forestry Association estimated that the value of timber in Louisiana was almost $13 billion dollars. Forests cover about 50% of Louisiana's landmass as well. So, you can see timber, trees, and the products we can make from them are "big business" in Louisiana.

Louisiana's forests also make for some great getaways. If you've been vaccinated for COVID-19 you can enjoy a Louisiana State Park for free. Just don't cut down any trees there or you'll be introduced to Louisiana's law enforcement community. But, if you did want to get back to nature.

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