When it comes time to renew your driver’s license, can it be done online? If your answer is “yes” you would be both right and wrong. As confusing as that might be I was in the same boat recently.

It came time for me to renew my license and I automatically went on to the Louisiana Department of Motor Vehicles’ Express Lane website to do it. When I hit the button to start the renewal process, I was taken to a screen listing several conditions including:

  • I have received a Louisiana computer-generated mail-in renewal invitation.
  • I have not experienced any loss of consciousness other than normal sleep.
  • I do not have any mental or physical condition that would impair my ability to operate a motor vehicle safely.
  • All vehicles that I have registered are currently covered with the required limits of liability insurance or other security and said coverage will be maintained until such time as the vehicle is no longer utilized on the highways of this state or until the vehicle is transferred to another owner.
  • I understand that I will receive a new Driver’s License credential to replace my current license.
  • I have been provided with information as required by R.S. 32:410(E)(4)(b).

Most of these are the standard questions you are asked when you go to your local Department of Motor Vehicles, but that first one had me scratching the side of my head. So, is this a special club I didn’t know about?

It is important to keep in mind before proceeding that when you agree to these conditions, you are “certifying under penalty of law.” Because I didn’t receive the mail-in renewal invitation, I could not proceed with the online renewal process.

That left me making my way to the DMV in Crowley to take care of it. When I sat down with the lady to start the process, I told her about what I had read and asked what it all meant. She was very kind and explained that it is typically just to keep records and information up to date.

Her explanation made sense because my driver’s license picture hadn’t been updated in almost 10 years. She also checked to make sure information like height, weight, and organ donation preference hasn’t changed.

Thankfully it was a quick and easy process, and I was on my way in less than an hour.

Attractive woman in car showing her drivers license
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When your driver’s license is coming up for renewal, keep an eye on the mail. If you receive the mail-in invitation, you can use the LDMV website or the LA Wallet App on your phone to renew your license. If you haven’t received it, that will be your cue to head down to your local DMV.

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