Camila Cabello dropped a new song, "Cry For Me," off her forthcoming album Romance.

After releasing "Shameless" and "Liar" last month, the singer unveiled her third single at midnight on Friday (October 4), giving fans a better glimpse of what to expect from her second studio album — and so far, we like what we hear.

On the track, she sings about a lost relationship, mourning an ex-boyfriend and how hard it is to watch someone she loves move on without her. "Cry For Me" also takes on the oh-so-relatable feeling of wanting an ex to feel just as miserable as you are after a breakup.

She croons, “When I said I hope you’re happy I didn’t mean it/ Never thought you would be so good at moving on/ When I’m lying wide awake you’re probably sleeping/ And maybe what I’m thinking is wrong/ I want you to cry for me, cry for me/ Say you’d die for me, die for me.”

Listen to Camila Cabello's "Cry For Me," below:

Ahead of the song's release, the pop star took to Instagram to reveal what inspired it.

“I wrote a song back when I was 16 called I’m pissed off you’re happy, about a situation were someone and I broke up and sooner than I expected, they moved on,” she wrote. “They were having fun and happy and dating and I was just like… what the hell, that didn’t take very long.”

“I took that idea and put it into this song,” Cabello continued. “The feeling nobody likes to admit about feeling wild with jealousy. I wrote this a few months ago and it’s been one of my favorites for a while.”

"This has been one of my favorite songs off this album since we wrote it, it’s a whole lotta rage," she added.

Romance doesn't arrive until early next year, but Cabello is scheduled to perform on Saturday Night Live for the first time on October 12. Stranger Things star David Harbour will host.

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