We're known for being laid back here in South Louisiana, but even we have a limit.

FBE or 'Fine Brothers Entertainment' is a company out of California that describes itself as 'an award winning media company, studio, and new breed of TV network that creates innovative and entertaining programming for a global audience across both owned and operated and partner channels.' They didn't do much research when it came to producing a video with kids trying what FBE calls 'Mardi Gras foods,' including some kind of weird jambalaya, very small boiled crawfish, beignets, and king cake.

The video is getting a pretty strong response from Louisiana natives, especially those from New Orleans and South Louisiana. Most are just confused by the idea of 'Mardi Gras foods' and thinking Cajun food from a restaurant in Los Angeles would be authentic. There is at least one person in the comments who has reported the video to Facebook and called it hate speech. That might sound harsh but some people don't take kindly to Cajun culture getting a bad rap. It's only been a few weeks since Lafayette and Louisiana was mocked in a stand - up comedy routine.

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