Let's be real, even the worst traffic isn't too unbearable when you're munching on fries.

Clearly, Burger King knows what the people want, because they recently tested out a new program where they deliver food to people stuck in traffic. Yes, you read that correctly. BK is bringing people food during traffic jams, and if that isn't the best idea I've ever heard I don't know what is.

According to Mobile Marketer, the test run of Burger King's "Traffic Jam Whopper" delivery service saw a 63% increase in delivery orders in Mexico City in it's first week and a huge surge in BK app downloads.Now, the King of Bugers plans to bring their genius idea to other cities with horrible traffic, like Los Angeles and Shanghai.

Finger crossed it works in those places, because if this becomes a thing traffic jam deliveries could be coming to other cities.



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