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Lemonade Day is coming to Brousard.

On Saturday, July 30, 2022, Lemonade Day Acadiana is taking place in Broussard.


Lemonade Day is a free program that is designed to teach kids about entrepreneurship through starting, owning, and operating their very own business, a lemonade stand. This is a great way for children and parents to get together and not only teach children how to run a business but it is also a chance to spend quality family time together.


If you are interested in signing up you can visit the Lemonade Day website. Once you sign up be sure to download the My Lemonade Day app so you can register your stand on the map.

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If you are in need of a place to set up your lemonade stand you can email Acadiana@lemonadeday.org to reserve your spot at any of the locations listed below:

City of Broussard, Louisiana- 310 E Main Street
Broussard Fire Department- Station 2, 502 E Main Street
Broussard Police Department- 414 E Main Street
Broussard Sports Complex at St. Julien Park- 701 St Nazaire Road

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