If you ask any bride what the most exciting and nerve wracking thing is about her wedding, it's the dress.

Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images
Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images


The dress is something all little girls think of when they are younger and they refine as they get older. Satin, lace, sleeves, strapless...the options are endless when it comes to the most important dress a woman will wear for her special day.

For one woman in Maine, the thought process into choosing her dress was something more than fabric and color. Kelly Ferraro's husband, Anthony, is blind. She set out to make a dress so that he can see her in his own special way.

Here's the dress:

attachment-blind husband dress

Anthony uses different textiles to paint a picture in his head of what things could or should look like. During their time as a couple, Kelly has made life adjustments with different textures and materials in their home so it is easier for Anthony to get around easier.

For her dress, Kelly used velvet, lace, embroidered flowers and different materials so Anthony could paint a picture of how she looks while standing together, saying their vows.

"Once she got to me, she put my hands on her dress. My mind was blown and I started crying. Tactile stuff is really big to me. It creates an image of what you look like in my head. Kelly looked like an angel."

attachment-blind husband

The couple's reception was also tactile. The banisters were wrapped in bubble wrap with flowers so Anthony could move around freely without issue.

As cheesy or cliche as the saying may be, all I can think of is "love is blind". Kelly met Anthony in 2017, and knew he was blind, but that it didn't stop her from pursuing him, it only propelled her feelings for him.

Congrats to the happy couple! Love is all about feeling - physical and emotional.

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