Last night around 8:00pm we posted a comment on our Facebook page telling everyone to comment on our comment and when we said STOP, we'd give the last person to comment tickets to see Darius Rucker's 100% sold out concert October 23 in Lafayette. Seems easy, right?

Whelp, over 175,000 comments later, we finally said STOP, and after scrolling and scrolling and scrolling and scrolling down the comment section, we saw that Brandy Guillotte of Pierre Part, Louisiana was the winner!

Yes Brandy, we are paying attention :)
Yes Brandy, we are paying attention :)

The comments were displaying in reverse order, so Brandy being directly under us was the last one in! As you can see, it took us 8 minutes to scroll through the 175,000 comments!

Congrats to Brandy and thank you to the 175,000 other people who participated. We invite all of you over to Debbie Ray's house this afternoon for pancakes! Okay, not really, but thanks again!

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