What's your favorite flavor of Blue Bell ice cream?

I'm simple. I love their Dutch Chocolate flavor! It's a classic that never gets old and is absolutely delicious.

Speaking of Blue Bell classics, I love their classic commercial that always reminds me of the "good ole' days." It just takes me back to my childhood and the music is so nostalgic.

Anyway, one of the great things about summer is when Blue Bell rolls out their new ice cream flavors. They never seem to miss, no matter how interesting the new flavor may sound.

Well, Blue Bell has just dropped a new flavor for those of us "need(ing) a refreshing treat to beat the summer heat!"

Can you think of anything more summer than strawberry lemonade? I'm definitely looking forward to trying this new flavor as I love strawberry ice cream and am interested to see how they mix that with the lemonade sherbet and lemon-flavored flakes.

Enjoy Blue Bell's new delicious summer treat!

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