The black bear population in Louisiana appears to be very healthy and they are most certainly on the move.

In recent weeks we have seen more and more photos/videos of bears on the move and many are showing up in populated areas of the state.

The black bear population seems to be so healthy that a "Black Bear Hunting Season" is being considered to help control the population of the wild animals in Louisiana.

Well, we have another black bear video to share with you and this time it comes from the city of New Iberia, Louisiana.

A black bear and its cub ended up under a carport in New Iberia and the video shows that they had very little fear of their surroundings. As a matter of fact, they both looked very curious as to what may be available to them in the area.

Submitted Photo
Submitted Photo

The homeowner tells me that they have been seeing a number of bears in the area, but mainly during the evening hours. Well, now we have a clear look here and these bears seem to fit right in.

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries reminds you to never leave your garbage out or exposed to wild animals. These bears are often looking for food sources and your garbage may be the one thing that keeps them in the area.

Again, if you ever encounter a black bear on your property you should not approach it, and you should contact Wildlife & Fisheries to report the sighting.

Here's a good look at these bears roaming around in New Iberia.


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