According to reports, Bill Cosby feels entitled to, "millions and millions of dollars" for the time he spent in prison after being convicted of sexual assault. Since that conviction has been overturned, Cosby has also called for the resignation of those who presided over his case.

See the report from WGNO via Facebook below.

The above report says that a spokesperson for Cosby said that they feel he is owed a lot of money after, "an unwanted two-year and ten-month vacation that he never ask for". The report includes that Cosby feels entitled to millions of dollars and also wanted the judge and district attorney from Montgomery County to resign.

Why was Bill Cosby released from prison?

Cosby was released from jail after having his conviction of sexual assault overturned due to an agreement with a previous prosecutor. At 83-years-old, Cosby was able to go home.

ABC News, Facebook
ABC News, Facebook

Many on social media were enraged at the news of "The Cosby Show" Father-figure being released, but his TV wife, Phylicia Rashad, stood with Cosby and got quite a bit of backlash for it.

Sentencing Begins In Bill Cosby Trial
Mark Makela, Getty Images

It would be quite the turn-around for Bill Cosby to go from being considered a sexual assault menace to a man that was released from prison and paid millions of dollars for his time. I am thinking about the people who were allegedly assaulted by Cosby over the years and how they must feel in this moment.

We will have to wait and see if Cosby gets what he believes he deserves.

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