It's amazing how your own body can turn on you.

A Washington man found that out the hard way when his alleged robbery attempt of a local grocery store was a little tougher to execute than was planned.

Early Wednesday morning, the burglary alarm went off at Norma Main Street Grocery at 517 S. Main Street in Washington after the front glass door of the business was broken, leaving a large hole in the center. Deputies with the St. Landry Parish Sheriff's Office say security footage showed a white male allegedly using an unknown item to bust open the glass and steal several items from the store. It only took the suspect four minutes to make his heist and get away. That heist included 3 sleeves of E&J Apple, 6 packs of cigarillos, and miscellaneous scratch off lottery tickets - according to the store owner.

But it's what the thief left behind that helped lead detectives to him.

Main Street Grocery Store, google street view
Main Street Grocery, google street view

This Is How The Suspect's Own Body Betrayed Him

Deputies say when they got to the scene they found two $5.00 lottery tickets on the ground near the door, two packs of individually wrapped cigars lying near the entryway, and several packs of cigars lying on the floor behind the counter containing the cash register. Oh, and also what appeared to be two blood droplets were found as well.

20-year-old Austin Witt of Washington was later identified as the alleged culprit and was found by sheriff's deputies at the intersection of Short Street and Bridge Street in the city. And Witt was bleeding heavily from his left hand as he carried a hooded jacket and book bag.

Detectives say Witt told a different story when they brought him in for questioning, saying he told them that he was bow hunting in the nearby woods and was not aware that it was illegal to hunt during the night. Deputies say Witt told them he then went back home and to his deer stand to grab his jacket and book bag.

Eventually, when questioned about the burglary at the grocery store, deputies say Witt confessed to stealing the items from the business and to storing them at his home.

Witt was taken to the hospital for treatment then taken to the St. Landry Parish Jail on one count of Simple Burglary.

All in a day's work for deputies with the St. Landry Parish Sheriff's Office.

All deputies that worked this case together are to be commended," stated Sheriff Bobby Guidroz. "They worked as a team, located the suspect within hours of the burglary and were able to return the stolen property to the owner of the store.

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