Christmas is truly a magical time of the year.

So when I saw a listing of the best Christmas towns in Louisiana on Only in Louisiana I decided to look into it and see if they were right.

We narrowed them down to the best 7 towns where you can get into the Christmas spirit this holiday season.

Here are the top 7 best Christmas towns in Louisiana:

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Minden, La
This city is known as the friendliest city in the South and well it lives up to the title of the best Christmas town in Louisiana. Minden offers thousands of Christmas lights throughout the town along with several holiday events to help get residents and visitors get into the holiday spirit. Take a stroll Downtown to see all of the holiday lights and don’t forget to visit the Holiday Trail of Lights.


Lutcher Bonfires
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Lutcher, La
This city is probably the most well-known city when it comes to Christmas. We have all heard of or witnessed the legendary bonfires being lit on Christmas Eve during this unique festival in St. James Parish.

Natchitoches Christmas
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Natchitoches, La
This city is well known for its amazing Christmas events and light displays. If you get a chance to stop by this holiday season I definitely recommend a short visit to this city.

Le Vieux Village
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Opelousas, La
Right in our own backyard, we have the city of Opelousas which has some great holiday lights and events to get you in the holiday spirit. Here you can visit the Le Vieux Village which is a collection of St. Landry Parish buildings that date back to the 1700s. Be sure to add this unique Christmas lights display to your holiday bucket list this year.

A Devastated New Orleans Copes With Holiday Season
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New Orleans, La
Of course, New Orleans made the list, how could it not? New Orleans has several attractions that display the biggest and best Christmas lights around. When you head into the city be sure to take a peek at City Park to get a glimpse of the best Christmas lights display around. While you are there also take a drive out to Lafreniere Park to see some more Christmas lights.

American Rose Center
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Shreveport, La
There is an amazing Christmas display at the American Rose Center in Shreveport that you don’t want to miss. One thing people rave about is the nativity scene, which is a must-see.

Acadian Village
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Lafayette, La
Of course, we had to include Lafayette on this list. We have some amazing displays of Christmas lights around town. From Noel Acadien au Village to simply driving around to see the many houses with light displays, there are several things around town to help you and your family get into the holiday spirit.

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