The weather forecast for this weekend was shaping up to be almost perfect for gumbo and chili. I was actually pretty stoked that the folks at The Bayou Church on Kaliste Saloom Road were going to be offering a lot of both of those fine foods as part of cook-off and family fun event at the church on Sunday.

But alas, the weather has been to gumboesque? Is that a word? Officials with the church say they are going to have to cancel Sunday's plans.

Actually, the heavy rainfall the Acadiana area has received over the past several days is the real culprit, not so much the threat of falling precipitation. Organizers with The Bayou say the field next to the church where the actual cook-off was to be held is simply too wet and muddy.

Don't fret if you wake up Sunday morning and feel the need for a warm feeling inside. The Church's regular Sunday services will go on as planned at 9:30 and 11:00 AM. And they'll be offering some warm "soul food" to help soothe the frustrations of living in today's modern times.

As of this writing, we are unaware of any plans to reschedule the event but if we hear of a rain date we will let you know, in writing of course, because talking with our mouths full would be rude.

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