Several drivers of certain models of Tesla have been submitting complaints to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration about the 12-volt batteries that power the screens and doors, etc as they have been locked in their cars.

The good news is that the cars do have a lever in most models that let you open the doors so you can get out; the problem? No matter what car you have, so many people never read their owners' manual to know what to do if they get locked in or for any other issues. Kudos to people who do read their owners' manual.

As far as the 12-volt battery it has failed in several other vehicles that have been reported to the NHTSA. Other people have also been locked in their cars when these batteries failed like a Texas man.

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Again, most people don't read the manual to know there is a manual release somewhere in their car. Another problem according to 73-year-old Rick Meggison of Arizona was that the only time he got a notice about the 12-volt battery being low on energy was after this crisis when his car was being towed away.

It's a good idea for Tesla owners to go and check their manual to find out where that lever is situated in their vehicle. It's also a good idea to try to practice how to use it and to make sure that you inform anyone that uses your vehicle about how this aspect of your car works.

For Meggison, he was eventually able to get out of this car. His sister came over and was able to get a passenger-side door open somehow using the app, but not without breaking the window.

How to Open Your Tesla Door if Battery Dies

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