Over a dozen bar owners met with legal counsel in New Iberia recently to discuss plans for filing a class-action lawsuit against the state of Lousiana. The suit stems from the state's orders that closes all bars over concerns about the spread of the coronavirus. Many of the bar owners present at the meeting in New Iberia expressed frustration over that closure and how it's unfair to their businesses.

Several bar owners recently went to Baton Rouge for a meeting with Governor John Bel Edwards attorneys. The fact that the class action lawsuit is moving should give you an indication of how those meetings went. In other words, the Governor and his representatives showed no sign of budging on the issue.

The only thing bar owners have expressed that they are looking to gain out of the lawsuit is the right to reopen their businesses. They are also welcoming any other bar owners who might like to be a part of the class-action suit against the state. Any bar owner interested in joining the suit should contact Ty Boudin at (337) 578-5298.

Many state and local governments around the country have closed or restricted bars from doing business during the current pandemic as a way to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus. Recent information suggests that establishments such as bars could become potential hot spots for continuing the spread of the disease.


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