You kind of knew there would be an odd story or two that would come out of the election yesterday. And we got one from Baker, Louisiana.

The Baker Police Department were called out to a polling location near Groom Road and Main Street after folks complained of a man hanging around there armed with an assault rifle and carrying a Trump campaign sign.

According to WAFB, the man contacted the police department back on October 19 to let them know he wanted to showcase his support for President Donald Trump in Baker.

So, yesterday, officers with the Baker Police Department went out to chat with the guy and verify the weapons he had with him.

The chief says that he contacted the FBI and other appropriate authorities the day the man contacted his department, saying he had the right to be there with the weapons since Louisiana is an open-carry state, but he also wanted to make sure there were no issues.

“We did not want the citizens to feel pressured or intimidated, so we kept an officer there to make sure everything went smoothly,” said Chief Carl Dunn.

At some point after police arrived, the man left the area near the polling place with no issues.


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