After the debacle that was Kevin Hart, which has proved to be almost as famous as Thano's plan for World domination, the Academy in charge of the Oscars was left without a host.

And with the premiere date approaching as fast as Quicksilver, it seems that they may need a superhero to swing in and save the night.

Cue the Avengers! The Academy has decided that this year, instead of a single host guiding the night, they will rely on a rotating cast list to introduce different parts of the show.

The show's producers are currently in the process of lining up as many of the star-studded superheroes who play in Marvel's Avengers franchise as humanly ( or extraterrestrially) possible.

The Celebrities in attendance can rest easy knowing that The Avengers will be able to fend off the bad guys during their night of celebration.

The Oscars will premiere on ABC on February 24.


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