As the World Series Champion Atlanta Braves celebrated the end to their 25-year drought, one of the team's star relief pitchers got into a bit of a snafu with officers on the parade route. See videos of Tyler Matzek seemingly being detained by police officers for a moment during the festivities.

Atlanta Braves World Series Parade
Michael Zarrilli

After a stellar performance as a relief pitcher for the Braves throughout the World Series, Tyler Matzek was on top of the world. Some even believed that Matzek was impressive enough in his outings to deserve the MVP nod.

But, the events at the Atlanta Braves Championship parade didn't go nearly as smooth for Matzek as they did when he was on the mound.


Spectators at the event saw Matzek on the street where the parade was passing, as he was swiftly nabbed by one police officer.


It seems as thought maybe this officer believed a fan had crossed the barricades and gotten onto the route, but as you can see above - Matzek was wearing his actual World Series jersey during the encounter.


Eventually, multiple officers surrounded the pitcher and it appears as if Matzek pulled out his wallet to provide identification. After realizing they had momentarily detained a member of the Championship Atlanta Braves, Matzek was released back to the parade busses.


You can see and hear confusion from people aboard the parade trolly in the background as well as spectators enjoying the parade.

See the full video form @barstoolsports on Twitter below.

Another angle of the encounter from @sydnee_walker5 on Twitter here.

Certainly a bizarre moment for one of the stars of the Championship Braves team. This whole incident seemed to be a massive misunderstanding, as officers were doing their best to keep everyone safe throughout the arrest.

Congratulations to the Atlanta Braves and enjoy the fruits of your labor!

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