I got a call from Pat this morning to tell me about a new video he recently uploaded to his band's Youtube channel.

Pat is a member of and writes songs for Nick Lick and the Hickies. If you go to their Youtube channel, you find lots of novelty songs, including a funny one about Kaliste Saloom.

But Pat's call this morning was about the video he recently uploaded featuring Dana Duhon. It is the song she performed during an appearance on KLFY in the 1990s (just look at the shoulder pads on her top!). The song is Nick Lick and the Hickies' "Every Day is Christmas Day"; check it out below the jump.


Pat has done lots of work with local artists; he even wrote the songs the late Ralph Begnaud used on his albums.

Pat, thanks for the heads-up on the video, now let me get back into the rabbit hole of your Youtube channel.

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