Ariana Grande is being sued for posting paparazzi photos of herself on Instagram.

According to TMZ, a photographer named Robert Barbera claims the pop star shared his pictures without asking for permission or paying him money for them. The snaps he's referring to feature Grande in a grey sweatshirt dress and boots as she carries a see-through Hermès bag with the name of her album, Sweetener, on it.

She posted the photos, which garnered nearly 3.4 million likes, back in August 2018 when she was promoting the album. The pics have since been deleted from Instagram, but still remain on her Twitter account for now.

"Happy sweetener day," she tweeted last year alongside a link to her website.

TMZ reports Barbera has filed a lawsuit against the "thank u. next" singer demanding either the profits made from the photos, or $25,000 for each pic that was posted—whichever amount is greater.

It's unclear if Grande will fight back or not, but she joins a growling list of celebrities, including Gigi Hadid and Kim Kardashian, who have been sued by photo agencies for posting pics taken of them by paparazzi.

Ariana Grande Can't Stop Squinting

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