Ariana Grande donated profits from her sold-out concert in Atlanta, Georgia to Planned Parenthood, TMZ reports.

Grande performed in Atlanta on June 8 and donated proceeds from the show to Planned Parenthood. The organization will reportedly receive $300,000. The move comes after the state passed the "fetal heartbeat" abortion law, also known as the "heartbeat bill."

Planned Parenthood confirmed the donation from Grande on their social media accounts. The tweet reads, "This is incredible, — thank you! We're so grateful for your longstanding commitment to supporting women’s rights & standing with Planned Parenthood to defend access to sexual and reproductive health care. ".

The donation comes after an anti-LGBTQ+ protestor protested outside of Grande's same concert.

Grande replied to fan videos of the protestors, writing, "Man... saddened but not surprised by this one bit. I’m so sorry any of my fans had to encounter this. We will do our best to ensure this doesn’t happen again. Proud of [you] all for not fighting/engaging violently. Never worth it. Wishing him peace & a healed heart 'cause girl yikes." Grande then joked that he was doing her "Be Alright" choreography in the parking garage.

A number of celebrities in every industry have begun to boycott Georgia in light of the bill, vowing to not work or perform there.

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