Tell me you’re a 90s baby without telling me you’re a 90s baby.

Did you whistle the AOL dial-up tone? Are you remembering blowing the dust off your Spice Girls or N’SYNC CD and listening to your favorite track on repeat on your portable CD player? You’re looking up Super Nintendo systems on eBay right now, aren’t you? Did you text your mom asking why she thought sparkle butterfly hair clips and jelly shoes were “cool”? Oh, that one is just me…?

I may still have scars on my ankles from those jelly shoes, but I wore those pink sparkle babies with pride. Now ask me if I would wear them today? Channeling my best Cher Horowitz (Clueless) I say, “Oh. As if!” But it seems as though 90s fashion trends have returned and sent me straight down memory lane.

I’ve caught myself numerous times saying, “Holy cow, I miss wearing those!” and wanting to run to the nearest Goodwill store. Here are a few of them.

90s Fashion Welcomed Back For The Next Generation
  1. Hoop Earrings

I’m not talking about the small hoops that have kind of just always been a thing. I’m talking about the ones that are like bracelets hanging on your earlobes. The idea was that no hoop was too big. I remember seeing the variety pack on different-sized hoops in the jewelry section at Wal-Mart and couldn’t swipe my card fast enough. I like to say that the size I wear depends on how “bougie” I’m feeling that day.
  1. Scrunchies

How could I forget that these are the most comfortable hair ties ever?! I was made aware of their return when my 13-year-old goddaughter wore one of a different color every day. They are my go-to for the best messy high ponytail. Remember to pull a few tendrils of hair down to frame the face ladies.
  1. High-waisted/Flared Jeans

Oh, how I missed the flare! They go with just about any shoe and can be dressed up or down. It’s like an indecisive woman’s dream. Throw in the high waist and you have me sold. My dress down is usually a pair of originally Adidas, and I like to pair my boots to make it a little fancier.

There have also been times that I catch a returning trend and send a silent “thank you” to my mom for never dressing me that way, or at least for not getting Polaroid evidence of it. P.S.: Fellow 90s babies, don’t come for me!

90s Fashions That Really Should Have Stayed In The 90s
  1. Chokers

I don’t see these around much anymore, but I think I’m scared of them. It seems as though this trend didn’t last as long as most of the others. Thankfully, those around me kept them simplistic. However, go give them a quick Google search. That just can’t be comfortable!
  1. Platform Sneakers

I know that it would make sense for me to love these because I am, as my dear ole dad says, “vertically challenged.” However, I just don’t. I’ve tried and I feel like I’m wearing bricks on my feet. I already have a tripping problem. I don’t need help with that challenge.
  1. Sheer Clothing

No. I just can’t. Nope. It’s gonna be a no from me, Dawg. Some things are meant to be covered, especially in public.

I find it so cool that fashion trends like the ones I mentioned from decades ago can make such big comebacks today. I love that every person puts their own modern twist on a trend that brings me straight back to my childhood. I love being able to do that myself over 20 years later.

What’s your favorite 90s trend that’s made a comeback? Which one do you think should have stayed where it was?

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