It's 2020, the fact that Arby's has created a "deep-fried turkey pillow" should come as zero surprises to you. If you ever thought it might be nice and cozy to rest your head inside a turkey carcass, Arby's is selling pillow that will be just right for you.

The Arby's "deep-fried turkey pillow" is turkey-shaped and you pull it over your entire head. It mimics putting your head inside a whole deep-fried turkey. For those of you wondering how one breathes while wearing the pillow, apparently, the nose stays exposed.

Americans must have really wanted to get cozy and stick their heads in a turkey carcass after everything that's happened this year as all restaurants have sold out. The only way to get a "deep-fried turkey pillow" now is to win one.

Arby's put their new creation on sale for $60 and sold out in no time at all. But you can still win one by going to The company says these pillows offer the warmth and tranquility of sleeping inside a turkey. You have the best sleep in the world. And just for entering you get 50% off your next turkey sandwich.

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