Never underestimate a man who can talk to fish.

Aquaman. He was always kind of a joke. He wore a goofy costume. He was the Super Friend who mostly got carried around by his buddies and waited for the part of the mission where someone had to swim. It was honestly kind of sad.

No one is laughing anymore, because the little fish-talking dude that could is now not only the King of the Seven Seas — he’s the King of the DC Extended Universe too. Per Box Office MojoAquaman has now earned more than $887 million worldwide, putting it ahead of all five of the previous DCEU movies, up to an including the previous champ of the bunch, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which earned $873.6 million in worldwide theaters back in 2016.


You read that right. Aquaman has now officially made more money in theaters than a movie where the Man of Steel fought the Dark Knight (played by Ben Affleck, a bigger star than anyone in Aquaman).

Now, granted, if the previous DCEU movies had been better, they probably would have made a lot more money at the box office. Justice League in particularly way underperformed for a movie of its size and scale and cast, but it was snakebit right from the start. Aquaman seems to have had a much smoother production, and a much clearer vision of what it was (namely a movie where ultimate superbro Jason Momoa punches dudes and swims fast). It just goes to show when you get everyone on the same page — and also you make a movie about a guy who talks to fish.

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