It’s Kasha in for Janet! When Janet's out and you pick up a prize, Kasha's the one who will take care of you. She won't moonwalk for you, or tell you a joke, like Janet, though. (We apologize in advance for mistakes, but nowadays, we get most of the names electronically and they don't usually come with pronunciations.)

If you have a name to add to our list for the future, CLICK HERE. If you have a joke for Janet, email her at We'd love to add you or your friends and family to the list! As a matter of fact, if you submit the names via facebook or the website, you can add them to the list automatically months in advance. That way, you won't miss anybody.

We put all the names on our list for each week into a drawing, and on Friday, we choose a winner. Congratulations to Samantha Broussard, who won gourmet cupcakes from Piece of Cake, and an exclusive Janet’s Joke of the Day t-shirt from Hulco Printers! You can pick up your prize Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:30 AM and 4:30 PM.

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