Reports say that a traffic jam in New Orleans was caused by animal remains that were dropped on a roadway in the Irish Channel. The foul scene, bringing an equally foul smell, got many on social media talking about what animal these remains could have come from.

Twitter @wdsu
Twitter @wdsu

The initial response came from @nolaready who posted the below to Twitter.

The rumors of what kind of animal it could possibly be started going around social media, with many pointing to one possibility.

So people on Twitter believed that the remains of an actual whale were what got left behind on the busy New Orleans roadway. But, more information came out as the afternoon proceeded.

See the full report on the story posted to Twitter by @NOLAnews below.

According to the above report, the incident occurred on Tchoupitoulas in the Irish Channel of New Orleans and it caused quite the traffic jam. Large animal remains were resting on the hot pavement, leaving people smelling something foul for blocks past the incident.

The report includes that a dump truck and a front-loader were used to remove the animal remains, as eye-witnesses say a dump truck dropped off something that looked like a large animal.

While the smell was definite, the type of animal that was on the street is still a mystery that many want solved. The report says that some saw a hoof, while others reported seeing a fin in the pile.

But those on social media still had to know - what exactly was left on the New Orleans street???

Thankfully @nolaready had additional info which you see posted to Twitter below.

The above conclusion of, "most likely a cow" was not sufficient for many on Twitter, where speculation continued swirling around what kind of animal it could have been.

See some reactions to the above post below.

This has to be one of the most disgusting stories I have ever had the pleasure of putting together. I can't imagine the smell that cars passing by on the hot New Orleans day must have experienced. I personally feel no conviction to continue investigating what possible animal may have been left behind on Tchoupitoulas, but it is clear that the reporting must be done.

If we ever find out what kind of animal remains were left behind, I will update this post. But until then, I will avoid aquariums and cow pastures to not be reminded of this gross scene.

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