On Anderson Cooper’s daytime talk show, nobody finds out if they’re the father. Nobody ends up a sloppy, crying mess after an interview. Nobody throws things. Very few people get makeovers. He doesn’t give away piles of free stuff. There are no harpy women arguing loudly over each other about current events. And we’ve never seen anyone get slapped.

In other words, Anderson is too smart, calm and put together for daytime TV.

It was announced on Monday that Cooper’s show ‘Anderson Live,’ which just moved into a bigger space for its second season, will not be renewed for a third and will instead go off the air at the end of next summer.

A studio executive from Warner Brothers, which syndicates the daily show, said ratings were down and stations that air it are already asking about replacement programs. The exec said talk shows in general have been struggling to find an audience, and it seems like Cooper’s is no exception.

The studios are promoting the bejeezus out of Katie Couric’s new show and even she can’t muster an audience, so it makes sense that smart, sane, gracefully-confrontational-without-being-antagonistic Anderson Cooper can’t pull it off either. (Meanwhile, 'Jerry Springer' lives on. And on. And on.)

After hearing the news, Cooper released a statement that said in part, “I am very proud of the work that our terrific staff has put into launching and sustaining our show for two seasons. I look forward to doing more great shows this season, and though I’m sorry we won’t be continuing, I have truly enjoyed it.”

Now we’ll have to stick with CNN to get our adorable Anderson fix. At least he still has his regular gig over there, where intelligent conversation is appreciated.

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