Amy Winehouse‘s parents have put the late singer’s northwest London home for sale. It is where the talented star was found dead in July 2011.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the three-bedroom villa is located in Camden, and is valued at £2.7 million ($4.2 million). The pop star’s family refuses to inhabit the space, calling it “inappropriate” since the singer died there. The property was once rumored to become the headquarters for the Amy Winehouse Foundation.

According to the Guardian, a family spokesperson said the decision to put the home up for sale was made with “regret.” “Amy loved that house, but none of the family felt it appropriate that they should live in it,” the rep told the Sun. “It was not practical to keep it empty while paying for its upkeep. It is a wonderful place and will be a happy family home for someone.” is currently featuring a macabre photo tour of the 2,500-square-foot home, which allows potential buyers to preview the property. “There’s a lot of fans getting in touch about it,” Graham Lock, a spokesman for, said. “So we’re trying to weed out the genuine interest from people who are just being nosy.”

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