With the NCAA beginning to allow student-athletes to make money off of endorsements, many programs across the country are already feeling the impact of the rule change. BYU recently announced to their football program that all of their walk-ons would have their tuition paid by an Utah based company.


Moments like this are actually pretty common these days. A football program has just enough scholarship money to pay a few walk-ons tuition. It usually goes to a player that has been with the team for multiple years and has contributed to the success of the program in some way.


The BYU football program was having this moment with a couple of their walk-ons and other teammates and staff in the room celebrated as they normally would. But something a little more special than a couple of walk-ons getting scholarships was happening this day.


As teammates celebrated with the players who were receiving scholarship money, the BYU coach making the announce had something much bigger up his sleeve.


See video of a coach for BYU telling the walk-ons that their tuition is completely covered by a local company.

The post says that the Utah based company 'Built Bar' will pay the tuition of all 36 walk-ons for the BYU Football team.

This is one of the best payouts I've seen for a group of players since the NCAA began allowing student-athletes of make money off of their name and likeness. While top-players across NCAA football have been raking in quite a bit of cash, BYU utilized the new rules to basically secure a team-sponsor for all of their walk-ons.

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An announcement like this leads me to believe that many colleges across the country may have this same opportunity. Walk-ons could be a thing of the past if proper partnerships are arranged for those players that don't receive any scholarship money to be a part of their teams.

With one simple rule change, the NCAA has carved a path to have even more money flow into collegiate athletics. For once, that money seems to be going directly to the student-athletes that fuel the industry.

Congratulations to these guys at BYU. Their football locker-room will definitely get some extra juice heading into this season without the burden of a large portion of their team worrying about tuition.

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