Let's be honest, being a parent in 2019 is terrifying.  You can protect your children to the best of your ability when they are with you, but during the school year there are 7 or more hours that you just have to trust the professionals at school to watch over your most precious possession.  With increasing reports of mass shootings in the United States, and a great number of these at public schools - that's hard to do.

Now, educators in Louisiana will have a new tool to keep their students and our kids safe.  Governor John Bel Edwards and Louisiana State Police Superintendent Col. Kevin Reeves introduced a new app specially designed for teachers that immediately calls 911 and notifies first responders and alerts school staff that an emergency is occurring.  The Rave Mobile Safety app will be made available to every single k-12 teacher in a public or charter school for the 2020 school year in the state thanks to $4 million set aside in this years budget for school safety.

According to the Advocate, this app is designed to greatly reduce response time for authorities in the case of a medical, fire, or active shooter emergency.  The new tech is part of a larger plan to keep our kids safe that includes safer practices, increased security, and more training for staff and students in light of the increased threat.

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