Would your kid back you up in a fight if you asked them to?

Parents are finding out if their kids are down to throw hands in a new TikTok that is definitely getting a lot of reactions on social media.

The trend shows parents walking up to their kids with a sense of urgency, asking them to put on their shoes in preparation for a "fight." In most cases, the completely made-up scenario involves another parent or an adult that the parents are "going outside to fight" who may have brought another child along to fight as well.

The fight prank trend has racked up tens of thousands of views on multiple videos where the kids' reactions range from confused and heartfelt to straight-up gangster and ready to ride with no hesitation.

My favorite part of this trend may be some of the excuses that the kids come up with to not have to fight, like the little boy who needed to make a Target run.

This supercut from @kevonstage compiles some of the best videos yet.

Of course, there have been mixed reactions from some who believe that this is an "alarming" trend that isn't cute or funny at all.

Many others find it hilarious—much like the popular Jimmy Kimmel bit where parents prank their kids by telling them that they've eaten all of their Halloween candy.

For me, the allure is that you're seeing these adorable, innocent kids who are down to back up their moms and dads without hesitation when things get real. But the part that makes my stomach turn a bit is these kids who are genuinely heartbroken at the idea of having to partake in any type of violence—real or fake.

Are you confident that your child is about that life? Would you ever ask them to fight for you—even if it was just a prank?

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