Just the other day I was speaking with coworkers about the "death" of the album, and how bands could capitalize on touring in support of their older works. U2 recently did a "Joshua Tree" tour in which they opened the show with a few new songs and then went into the "Joshua Tree" album from beginning to end. It. Was. Epic.

Imagine if the Eagles were to do a "Long Run" tour and play the album in its entirety, or if Journey would tour and play the whole "Escape" album. In the days of albums and cassettes, we would usually put the album (or cassette) and listen to the whole thing. (Pink Floyd doing the complete "Dark Side of the Moon" album would be great, too). We knew which song was coming next and would anticipate the opening notes.

just announced the tour dates celebrating the 25th anniversary of her acclaimed album "Jagged Little Pill".

Now, I don't know if she will play the album in its entirety (it would be epic), but she appears to be capitalizing on the anniversary paired with the launch of the Broadway musical "Jagged Little Pill", which is based on her songs.

Touring in support will be Liz Phair and Garbage, according to Entertainment Weekly.



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