This screenshot was sent to me by a concerned alumnus of Abbeville High School, lamenting about the way current students sing the song, calling it "disrespectful and disgraceful!!":

Abbeville High Alma Mater
Abbeville High Alma Mater

It appears that current students are inserting "Say What?" between the words "Abbeville, Abbeville" when they sing the song.

Some of the comments on the post include " Why mess up something that was good, to begin with?", "This needs to be fixed it will only continue", and "I agree. It kinda pissed me off when I heard it sang that way."

Another comment seemed to confirm that the song was being sung with the "extra" lyrics: "They do the alma mater during the announcements at school in the morning. They sing it throughout the school. And they say that. I wasn't impressed, either."

What are your thoughts? Do you think that the lyrics in songs like these should be kept the way they were written, or do you think that the alumni are being fuddy-duddies?

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