The Pig Reveal
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It all started when CJ purchased a blinged out piggy bank for Bernadette Lee for her birthday or Christmas (not sure which).  As the story goes, one Christmas a few years later, the KTDY staff decided there would be no 'purchasing' gifts.  That particular year, the staff had to give 'something from home'.  In other words, something you already owned but maybe didn't need, want or maybe owned two of.  Well, that year, Bernadette Lee re-gifted the pig she'd received from CJ.  After feeling horrible that Bernie didn't like his gift from years past, he came up with a plan.

After regaining ownership of the pig, CJ decided to add money to the piggy bank and gift it back to Bernadette her next birthday.  The idea was to give it back to her, she put money in it and give it back to CJ the next birthday or Christmas, and she did.  That process went on back and forth for years with the idea, if CJ or Bernadette Lee died, the other would finally open the piggy bank and get to keep it's contents.

On August 24, 2017, Bernadette Lee's birthday, CJ proposed that they not wait till one of them died, and that they open the bank that morning.  Bernie agreed!

After a call to the Lafayette Teachers Federal Credit Union for an official counter, Hilda Overfelt, arrived to authenticate the amount in the Pig and reveal the amount.

Emptying The Pig

The Pig Reveal

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