Adam Lambert scored the gig of a lifetime when he was asked to sing for Queen at 2012 Sonisphere Festival in Europe. But the former ‘American Idol‘ contestant confirmed that while he is beyond stoked to perform with the rockers, it’s “just Adam doing a cool gig” and nothing more. He is not considering himself to be the heir apparent for the late, great Freddie Mercury.

In a recent chat with a radio host, Lambert celebrated Mercury as one of his top five favorite singers of all time, saying, “It’s not that I am the new Freddie Mercury. I am not there to imitate anybody or be the new anything. I’m just Adam doing a cool gig.” Glambert was being incredibly respectful and careful with his comments to the Washington, D.C.-based radio station.

He also shared that the first time he heard Queen was via ‘Wayne’s World,’ where the most memorable scene in the film saw Wayne and Garth belting out ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ in Garth’s 1977 AMC Pacer.

Lambert said that his father had tons of Queen records and offered them to his son once he discovered the band through the film. “He busted out the albums, I saw the pictures, heard the voice, and thought, ‘What is it?’ I instantly recognized how theatrical their sound was,’” the ‘Better Than I Know Myself’ singer recalled.

Now Glambert has the chance to add his own theatrics and drama to Queen this summer.

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